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  • PF Mining Impact Stone Crusher Machine

    Impact Stone Crusher Feed opening: 820x700-1600x2080mm Feeding size: ≤500mm Application: All kinds of ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries. Processible Materials: Side length from 100 to 500 mm below the material,1

  • Small Stone Jaw Crusher For Sale

    PE Jaw Crusher Feed opening: 150×250-300×1300mm Feeding size: 125-250mm Production: 1-2200 t/h Application: Metallurgy industry, mine industry, chemical industry, cement industry, construction industry, refractory materials industry etc. Processible Materials: lime1

  • Cone Rock Crushing

    Cone Crusher Cone diameter: 600-2200mm Feeding size: 35-300mm Production: 12-1000t/h Application: Metallurgy, building materials, road construction, chemical and silicate industry. Processible Materials: Barite, marble, calcite, kaoline, coal, gypsum, concrete, r1

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  • Rod Mill Correct Installation
    Rod Mill Correct Installation
    • 2021-04-08

    The rod mill type sand making machine mainly relies on the grinding medium in the cylinder-the steel rod to move in the rod mill, and grinds the material in the running state of falling and venting. So what is the advantages of the rod mill sand making machine? How should it be installed before making sand ? The rod mill sand making machine have dry tpe and wet type .the user can select according to the actual conditions . The main advantage is that the rod mill sand making machine adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, combined with the actual user’s grinding materials, and equipped with a suitable grinding media. The surface contact of the traditional ball mill is changed to line contact, so that the sand making machine discharging particle size is more uniform, the output is higher, and it is suitable for different hardness ores. The granularity of the discharging material can be changed by simple adjustment. The fineness control device is built-in, and the discharging device can be added with a screening device. Pay attention when installing the rod mill sand making machine: 1.The installation position of the rod mill sand making machine has a great relationship with the crusher. The installation location of the rod mill sand making machine is different depending on the crushing site, and most of them are installed in the factory or outdoor operation. 2.Before installing the sand making machine, check according to the packing list, check whether the various parts are damaged during transportation, and whether the spare parts are complete. 3.Check the connection of each component, it should be firm and reliable, carefully check whether there is any foreign matter in the cylinder, and remove it in time if there is any. Check whether the motor wiring is correct and the voltage is normal. 4.Before the sand making machine leaves the factory, the rod mill sand making machine has been test, and all parts are normal. However, after the rod mill sand making machine is installed on site, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out to check whether the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected. Add oil again. Excellent quality is our long-term unanimous commitment to every user. We firmly believe that quality creates value.  customers to  visit our factory!

  • Double roller Crusher Structure
    Double roller Crusher Structure
    • 2019-08-20

    The double roller crusher ( smooth surface) consists of a crushing roller, an adjustment device, a spring safety device, drive devie, and a frame. Crushing roller It is a parallel rotating roller on the horizontal axis which is the main working mechanism of the crusher. The bearing of one of the rollers is movable, the bearing of the other roller is fixed, and the crushing roller is composed of a shaft, a hub and a roller skin. The roller shaft is keyed to the hub of the conical surface, the roller skin is fixed to the hub, and the three conical arc irons are used to fix them together by bolt nuts. Since the roll skin is in direct contact with the ore, it needs to be replaced from time to time, and it is generally made of high-manganese steel or special carbon steel (chrome steel, chrome-manganese steel, etc.) with good wear resistance. Adjustment device The adjusting device is used to adjust the size of the gap between the two crushing rollers (the discharge port), which is controlled by increasing or decreasing the number of gaskets between the two roller bearings, or by adjusting with a worm gear adjusting mechanism. Broken product size. Spring safety device It is a very important part of the roller crusher. The degree of spring tension plays an important role in the normal operation and overload protection of the crusher. When the machine is working normally, the pressure of the spring should balance the force generated between the two rollers to maintain the gap between the discharge ports and make the product evenly uniform. When the crusher enters a non-broken object, the spring should be compressed, forcing the movable crushing roller to move laterally, and the width of the discharge opening is increased to ensure that the machine is not damaged. After the non-broken object is removed, the spring returns to its original state and the machine works as usual. During the working process of the crusher, the safety spring is always in a vibrating state, so the spring is easily fatigued and damaged, and must be inspected frequently and regularly. Drive Device The motor drives the two crushing rolls to rotate in opposite directions by a V-belt (or a gear reduction device) and a pair of long-toothed gears. The gear is a special standard long tooth. When the crusher enters a non-broken object, the distance between the two rollers will change. At this time, the long tooth gear can still ensure normal meshing. However, such long-toothed gears are difficult to manufacture, often stuck or broken during work, gear repairs are also difficult, and noise is high during operation. Therefore, the long-toothed gear transmission is mainly used for a two-roller crusher with a low number of revolutions, and the peripheral speed of the surface of the roller is less than $m%. A crusher with a higher number of revolutions (circumferential speed greater than & m% seconds) often uses a separate motor to drive the two rollers to rotate, which requires the in...

  • Iron ore beneficiation and iron concentrate processing and utilization  iron ore beneficiation method
    Iron ore beneficiation and iron concentrate processing and utilization iron ore beneficiation method
    • 2019-05-10

    The iron minerals of industrial value are mainly: magnetite, hematite, pseudo-hematite, limonite and siderite.  except magnetite is strong magnetic materials ,  others are weak magnetic minerals. iron ore resources are rich in China, iron ore types are: 1) magnetite ore; 2) multi-iron mineral iron ore (magnetite-hematite ore. magnetite-siderite ore, mirror iron ore-Ling Iron ore-hematite ore, etc.; 3) vanadium-containing titanium magnetite ore; 4) sulfide-containing polymetallic iron ore; 5) polymetallic iron ore containing sulfide, phosphorus or rare earth; 6) Braided hematite ore (hematite - siderite ore, siderite ore, etc.). Strong magnetic magnetite ore 1.Single magnetite ore Since most of the ore is a ferromagnetic magnetic mine, and the ore composition is simple, it is often extract by weak magnetic separation. 2.Multi-metal magnetite ore It is mainly composed of sulfide magnetite ore and apatite magnetite ore. Generally, a weak magnetic separation and flotation combined process is adopted, that is, iron is recovered by weak magnetic separation, and sulfide or apatite is recovered by flotation. Weak magnetic iron ore 1.Single weak magnetic iron ore Including hematite ore, siderite ore, limonite ore and red iron (mirror iron) siderite ore. These weak magnetic iron ore are often referred to as "red mines." The ore dressing methods of the red ore have strong magnetic separation, flotation, gravity selection, roasting magnetic separation and the combined use of these methods. 2.Polymetallic weak magnetic iron ore Hematite ore or siderite ore mainly containing phosphorus or sulfide. Such ores are generally gravity selection, floated, strongly magnetically selected, or combined with each other to recover iron minerals, and phosphorus or sulfide is recovered by flotation. Magnetite Ore -  Hematite - Siderite 1.Single   Magnetite Ore -  Hematite - Siderite Mainlyhematite -magnetite ore and magnet-pyrite ore. The methods for selecting such ores are as follows: 1) weak magnetic separation and gravity selection, flotation, and strong magnetic separation, that is, recovery of magnetite by weak magnetic separation, recovery of weak magnetic iron by gravity selection, flotation or strong magnetic separation ; 2) Magnetization roasting magnetic separation or combine with other methods, similar to magnetization roasting of single weak magnetic iron ore, but in the parallel flow of magnetization roasting magnetic separation and other beneficiation methods, the powder ore is Weak magnetic separation combined with other methods; 3) selective flocculation desilting method. 2. Multi-metal Magnetite Ore -  Hematite - Siderite The main types of such ores are: Sulfide iron ore and phosphorus, sulfur or rare earth iron ore. The ore dressing method of this type of ore is more complicated in iron ore beneficiation. Generally, the combined process of weak magnetic separation and other methods is adopted, that is, magnetite is recover...

  •  Machine For Cleaning Sand
    Machine For Cleaning Sand
    • 2019-05-10

    Mud-free sand is a good sand, in order to have a larger market, a wider application, in order to sell a good price, how to better remove the mud and other impurities in the sand, which requires Sand washing machine, it is very easy to use in the cleaning and processing of sand, and the sand after cleaning meets the building sand and construction sand and ,concrete using sand standard . There are two types of sand washing machine : One type is wheel bucket sand washing machine ,also called water wheel sand washing machine,It mainly turns the sand through the rotation of the impeller and rubs against each other to remove the impurities covering the surface. Because of the different productivity, the equipment is divided into single wheel, double wheel and three wheels, and the single wheel processing volume is small. The three-wheel sand washing machine one-hour processing capacity can reach 260 tons. The other is called spiral sand washing machine. It is a device for cleaning mud-containing sand by a screw device. It is divided into a single screw  and a double screw due to different processing capabilities. What are the common advantages of the wheel bucket sand washer and the spiral sand washer? Water resources: Although the water consumption of the two sand washing machines is different during the cleaning process of sand (the spiral sand washing machine water consumption is larger),but the water can be recycled using after cleaning the sand, not cause water resource waste, while also avoiding the pollution of water resources from sewage discharge. Sand cleaning: The sands cleaned by the two machines are in line with the "Construction Sand" and "Ordinary Concrete Sand, Stone Quality and Inspection Method Standards". Differences between the two sand washing equipment 1 Wheel bucket washing machine (1) Applicable materials: generally applicable to materials with finer particle size such as stone  powder and sand. (2) The replacement of parts is convenient (only one need to be replaced). 2 Spiral sand washing machine (1) The small spiral sand washing machine length is 8-9 meters, and the large one is up to more than ten meters. (2) Because of the high degree of clean washing, the loss rate of sand is high.

  • Ball mill steel ball proportioning principle
    Ball mill steel ball proportioning principle
    • 2019-04-28

    The ball mill is the key equipment for the material to be ground after crushed .The key to grind material in the ball mill is the different specifications steel balls . today we introduce the ball mill steel ball proportioning principle. 1. Determine the total ball load according to the ball mill main motor powder allowed load. The steel balls filling rate are generally 25% - 35%, the lower steel ball load rate, power consumption is also reduced, but the productivity is also low. Therefore, the first prerequisite for verifying the total amount of steel balls added is that the sum of the weight of the steel ball and the weight of the material in the mill is less than or close to the allowable value of the motor power of the ball mill. 2. Determine the bigger steel ball diameter. 3. Measure Steel Ball Ratio reasonableness by Using Steel Ball Specific Surface Area The specific surface area of the steel ball in the first warehouse should be 9.5-10.5 m2 per ton of steel ball; for closed ball milling with roller press, the value can be adjusted to 12-14 m2/t steel ball, and the liner is continuous lifting type, The specific surface area of the steel ball loaded in the second warehouse should be 35-38m2/t steel ball, and the steel ball with the roller press can be 38-40m2/t. The ratio between the various ball diameters should still be calculated as per larger accumulation density . 4.The principle of loading the ball that meets the main functions of the steel balls in each warehouse, combined with the type of liner used. The materials particles fed in the first warehouse can be up to 30mm, its main function is to break. Therefore, the diameter of the loaded steel ball should be between 50-90mm in the first warehouse, and the material entering the second chamber of the ball mill is less than 2- 3mm, so its role is fine grinding, the range of the steel ball should be 15-50mm, because the fine grinding is mainly inter-grinding, using a single size ball (20-25mm), with the single corrugated lining  can reach higher efficiency . If still select  a certain range diameter steel ball in the second bin, can adopt grading liner, so that the bigger size ball is close to the partition plate, and the smaller ball is located at the discharge end. 5.Calculate the unit steel ball output to verify the rationality of the ball. Accurately master the matching principle of the ball mill steel ball, can improve the grinding efficiency better,and further improve the production efficiency.

  • Zhengzhou Hengxing 3200*4500 ball mill ready for delivery
    Zhengzhou Hengxing 3200*4500 ball mill ready for delivery
    • 2019-04-26

    This is ball mill is for wet processing ,widely for beneficiation plant ,various of ores such as iron ore ,chrome ore ,gold ore ,copper ore ,quartz ,limestone ,etc. output size from 0.4-0.074mm. Ball mill installation precautions Precautions before installation: Before installing the ball mill, the removal of shields, rust preventive oil, dirt and dust on the working surface of all parts and components is necessary; prepare dry oil and thin oil to ensure Lubrication of the machined surfaces that are in contact or connected between parts, where dry oil is used to fix the surface, thin oil is used for the active surface, and electronic theodolite, level, level, magnetic seat, angle gauge, wire, steel ruler, etc. are required for installation. Tool; when installing the lining rubber sheet, the rubber sheet coil should be opened three to four times in advance so that it can be freely extended. Precautions during installation: The installation sequence of the  ball mill is generally installed in the order of the base-main bearing-cylinder, end cap and ring gear; the installation environment is limited and needs to be installed on the reinforced concrete foundation. And the weight of the reinforced concrete is required to be 2.5 to 3 times that of the ball mill, and at the same time, it should be kept at a distance of 40 to 50 mm with the foundation of the plant; carefully check whether the flatness meets the design requirements before installing the base, and prepare the base when installing the base. After the standard gauge is leveled, the longitudinal centerline misalignment deviation of the two main bearing housings should be within 0.5mm; when installing the main bearing, the coaxiality of the two hollow shafts must be ensured, and the base plates of the two main bearings must be The elevation difference should be guaranteed to be no more than 0.25mm/m; when the cylinder is installed, the relative elevation of the inlet and outlet ends shall be measured, the deviation shall not be greater than 1mm, and the discharge end shall not be higher than the feeding end, and the fixed end hollow shaft and main bearing The side clearance and shoulder clearance should meet the requirements of the drawings; when installing the parts of the transmission parts such as pinion, coupling, motor and reducer, pay attention to check the reducer and The concentricity of the motor, the concentricity of the pinion and the reducer, and the meshing performance of the radial balance of the pinion and the ring gear. Zhengzhou Hengxing are ball mill manufacturer for 20 years, if you are interested with the ball mill ,please contact us .

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