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Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler

Production: 1-10 t/h

Application: The steam boiler can be used for producing desired hot water for product manufacturing process in the weaving factory, printing, and dying papermaking, and rubber, plastic chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. And for heating room, bath, air conditional, and daily life water in the factories, departments, hotels, schools, restaurants, services industries etc.

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Introduction of horizontal boiler

Automatic boiler including horizontal, three-pass, wet back shell boiler. The main structure includes: Boiler shell, Bellows furnace, Returns burns room, Threaded gas pipe, etc. The shell and the furnace are made by 20g boiler special steel. Furnace & Returns burns room, Tube plate & Boiler shell and Returns burns room & Returns burns room cylinders are connected by the method of the flanged edge connecting.

Industrial Steam Boiler

Advantages of horizontal boiler

There is more heating surface to spare in order to assure of running of full load and overcharge.

Proportional control: with procedure ignition, automatically blowing and flameout protective device. And it has many merits such as good burning effect, the reliability of ignition, burning rapidly, mix evenly with air and gas and adjusting the scale of fuel gas and air. The burning efficiency is over 99.5%.

The furnace shape is fit for the shape of a flame, avoiding the flame washing out the heating surface area.

Flue gas consistency is low with less pollution.

Heating efficiency is high.

The furnace adopts the wet back structure, with the merits of good diathermanous effect and less heat loss. The temperature of rear flue chamber is low so that the operators feel comfortable and safe.

Boiler adopts light quality thermal insulation material: Aluminum Silicate Fibre, with the merits of light quality, good heat preservation, less heat lost, high heating efficiency, etc.

The automatic control degree of the boiler is high, adopting programmable computer control. The control box adopts full automatic operating to actualize Auto-igniting and Auto-boiler outage. And it also has a manual switch.

The boiler-burning device adopts Auto scale adjusting method. Outlet water temperature is automaticlly adjusted.

The automatic control protection procedure has full functions, such as automatically blowing, fuel gas leak alarm, safe operating chain protecting, flameout protecting, fuel gas pressure protecting, etc.

Inspecting and adjusting function is full, such as automatically blowing, fuel gas leak alarm, safe operating chain protecting, flameout protecting, fuel gas pressure protecting, boiler over pressure voice-and-light alarm and boiler feed water over temperature voice-and-light alarm, etc.

Boiler also has the burner motor overload protecting device and Auto- engine off protecting the device. The boiler equips the Max pressure limit device, fuel gas Min pressure limit device and Max temperature limit device.

Boiler set the explosion-proof gate to keep safe.

Boiler control system, alarm system, and safe protecting system are relatively independent setting and configuring. The pressure changes delivering and the temperature changes delivering can make the burner automatic off when temperature or pressure is overload.


Working principle of horizontal boiler

Steam boiler stove for single drum longitudinal water tube boiler shell boiler. Grate combustion equipment for activities. Left and right sides of the chamber of a stove water wall as the radiation heating surface, the two wings of the flue and threaded pipe inside the drum for convection heating surface. Furnace wall and two side wall outside before and after using the brick masonry.

Technical data





Rated Evaporation (T/H)




Rated Working Pressure (Mpa)




Saturated Steam Temperature(℃)




Boiler Thermal Efficiency (%)




Grate Area (m²)




Design Types of Coal

II Types Soft Coal

II Types Soft Coal

II Types Soft Coal

Heating Area (reference) (m²)




Reference Weight (t)




Size(L*W*H) (m)









Model: 4-72-11 No.3.6A
Spindle speed: 2900 r/min
Entire pressure: 1578-989Pa
Flow: 2664-5268m³/h
Motor: Y100L1-2 ; 3kw

Model: 4-72-11 No.4A
Spindle speed: 2900 r/min
Entire pressure: 2014-1320Pa
Flow: 4012-7419m³/h
Motor: Y100LS1-2 ; 5.5kw

Model: 4-72-11 No.4.5A
Spindle speed: 2900 r/min
Entire pressure: 1660Pa
Flow: 10580m³/h
Motor: Y100LS1-2 ; 7.5kw

draft fan

Model: GY2-18 No9.8D right 90
Spindle speed: 1450 r/min
Entire pressure: 4037-3959 Pa
Flow: 5000-9021 m³/h
Motor: Y160L-483; 15kw

Model: Y5-47 No6C  
Spindle speed: 2800 r/min
Entire pressure: 3364-2452 Pa
Flow: 8020-15129 m³/h
Motor: Y160L-2; 18.5kw

Model: Y6-41 No9C  
Spindle speed: 1750 r/min
Entire pressure: 3338-2495 Pa
Flow: 25630 m³/h
Motor: Y200L-4B; 30kw

Water pumps

Model: 1½ GC-5x7
Flow: 6m³/h
Pumphead: 165m
Rotating speed: 2900r/min
Motor: Y135S2-2;  7.5kw

Model: 1½ GC-5x7
Flow: 6m³/h
Pumphead: 161m
Rotating speed: 2950r/min
Motor: Y135S2-2;  7.5kw

Model: 1½ JGGCB-176x22
Flow: 7.5m³/h
Pumphead: 168m
Rotating speed: 2900r/min
Motor: Y135S2-2B5;  7.5kw


Model: XBL22A
Torque: 5000Nm
Motor: Ys7124;  0.37kw

Model: XBL22A
Torque: 5000Nm
Motor: Ys7124;  0.37kw

Model: WTG6
Torque: 7000Nm
Motor: 0.37kw
Electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor


Model: GBL-03
Slag volume: 300kg
Spindle speed: 7.02r/min
Motor: Y90L-6;  1.1kw

Model: GBL-03
Slag volume: 300kg
Spindle speed: 7.02r/min
Motor: Y90L-6;  1.1kw

Model: LX
Slag volume: 1500kg
Spindle speed: 4.87r/min
Motor: Y90L-4B5

Coal conveyor

Model: FSG
Coal scuttle capacity: 100kg
Motor: Y90S-4;  1.1kw

Model: FSG
Coal scuttle capacity: 135kg
Motor: Y90S-4;  1.1kw

Model: XGS
Coal scuttle capacity: 150kg
Motor: Y90S-4;  1.1kw

Dust remover

Model: CCD-III

Model: CCD-III

Model: DX6

control cabinets

Model: CKC-II

Model: CKC-IV

Model: CKC-6L

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